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Poster: paco76 Date: Sep 7, 2018 8:18am
Forum: opensource Subject: lcd bussola

Hello everyone My name is Paco I write from Italy and I apologize for my English I'm writing to submit a problem that I have with my project of Arduino the one presented in April 2015 by Nick Cinquino.
The project is the one related to the Compass with LCD display After I tried to load the sketch for the first time the project worked with my Arduino nano.
The problem now is that after about 10 days I tried to load again the sketch saved in Word on another Arduino nano
I also tried with another Arduino one but I can not load this sketch anymore as it always gives me an error Which I report below

sketch_bussola: 1: error: unterminated comment

/ *


exit status 1
unterminated comment

kindly you can make me understand what the problem is. I'm trying to copy the same sketck that I used the first time and that I saved on word, I also tried to program again my arduino nano that works as a compass but ninth is not possible.

what can I do?

I can not understand what the PC and components can be changed. They stayed the same.
I hope it's a minor problem I unfortunately I'm not a big expert in electronics and programming I'm interested in electrical systems

I hope for your help

greetings Paco

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Poster: Arlima Date: Sep 22, 2018 12:02pm
Forum: opensource Subject: Re: lcd bussola

This forum isn't the best place for your question. If I were you, I'd instead try my luck there: